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West Virginia Radiology Tech Certification

By successfully completing a radiology technician program, students qualify to sit for the national radiology examination. The national radiology examination is taken through the ARRT. By passing the examination, submitting a formal application, and showing evidence of an approved radiology program, novice technicians earn certified credentials as a registered technician (RT). Without ARRT certification, radiology technicians cannot legally practice in the state of West Virginia. The ARRT does not provide educational materials to examination applicants. Examination will test aptitude in academic material, clinical instruments, and radiology procedures.

West Virginia Radiology Tech Salary

After radiology technicians obtain a state license to practice in West Virginia, they can look forward to a promising career outlook. In fact, The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 17% employment growth between 2008-2018 in response to the aging of the baby boomer demographic, medical advances in technology, and greater demand for non-invasive diagnosis techniques. This growth is expected to generate tens of thousand of jobs nationwide. As a result, radiology technicians in West Virginia will continue to experience career improvement in job availability, job stability and higher incomes. The average radiology technician in the United States earns an estimated $51,000/yr. This average is only slightly above the salary averages for larger populated areas in West Virginia. The below figures are the West Virginia radiology tech salary by major city.

  • Charlestown, WV Radiology Tech: $50,000/yr
  • Huntington, WV Radiology Tech: $50,000/yr
  • Parkersburg, WV Radiology Tech: $46,000/yr
  • Wheeling, WV Radiology Tech: $37,000/yr
  • Morgantown, WV Radiology Tech: $48,000/yr

*To find these statistics and the salary statistic for other cities in West Virginia go to indeed.com

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