Salary for a Registered Nurse in West Virginia - WV

West Virginia Registered Nurses Salaries

Current salary trends (according to indeed.com) for nurses are solid for the state. West Virginia nurses earn 22% more than their counterparts in the rest of the nation. Below are some average salaries for RNs in some cities in the state.

Charleston, West Virginia RN Salary: $72,000
Huntington, West Virginia RN Salary: $71,000
Parkersburg, West Virginia RN Salary: $67,000
Wheeling, West Virginia RN Salary: $54,000
Morgantown, West Virginia RN Salary: $69,000

But specialties can send that salary even higher. Indeed.com found a posting for an RN anesthetist paying $143,000. An emergency room RN can earn $112,000 in the state, while a supervising RN may command $130,000. At the lower end, an RN LVN posting paid $65,000. But the overall trend demonstrates a very high demand and resulting compensation for qualified nurses in West Virginia.

West Virginia Continued Education Requirements for Registered Nurses

All nursing licenses expire on Halloween each year and must be renewed annually if you wish to continue practicing. When you submit your renewal application, you must demonstrate that you have earned 12 contact hours of approved continuing education. Nursing-related workshops, seminars, conferences, college courses and even home-study courses can count towards your contact hours. You can take all your hours at once or spread them out throughout the year.

Registered Nurse Schools