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Sonography Salary in West Virginia - WV

A career as an ultrasound technician, or sonographer, begins and ends with education. Since there are no governmental regulations clearly defining educational and training requirements to practice in the United States, each employer or program provider is free to create individual guidelines. However, as the profession continues to expand as much as 18% by 2018, generating literally thousands of ultrasound technician jobs nationwide, stricter legislative guidelines are predicted. Therefore, more employers are beginning to hold healthcare professionals to high standards, starting with preliminary education and training.

A combination of education, training, certification and job experience will often result in higher earning potential for West Virginia’s ultrasound techs. Nationally, ultrasound technicians make an average salary of $62,000/yr. This average ranks comparatively with the largest cities in West Virginia:

  • Charleston:  $62,000/yr
  • Huntington:  $61,000/yr 
  • Parkersburg:  $57,000/yr
  • Wheeling:  $46,000/yr
  • Morgantown:  $59,000/yr

*To find these statistics and the average salary statistics in your area go to indeed.com.

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