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West Virginia Vet Tech Salaries

Salaries for Veterinary Technicians in West Virginia

Once the application is accepted, and examination is passed, RVTs are free to seek employment in West Virginia. Employers cannot and will not employ any RVTs that are not on the state registry list. To find a job, first look at local veterinary facilities; whereas about 90% of all RVTs in the U.S. work in veterinary institutes. If this search proves unsuccessful, and an RVT is willing and able to transfer, it is encouraged to research opportunities in more populated regions of the state where job availability is more prevalent. Many times, salary earning potential is a major consideration in job searching.

Currently, VTs in the United States are earning an average of $33,000 annually. VTs in West Virginia trump this average by earning closer to $40,000 annually. The average salaries for larger cities in West Virginia are as follows:

Charleston:  $32,000/yr
Huntington:  $32,000/yr
Parkersburg:  $29,000/yr
Morgantown:  $36,000/yr
Fairmont:  $30,000/yr

*These salary statistics are courtesy of indeed.com

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