Cardiac Sonography Salaries in Wisconsin - WI

As stated by the Wisconsin WORKnet (from the state’s Department of Labor), cardiovascular technologists and sonographers represent the 15th fastest-growing profession in the state. Growth in this profession is expected to increase by 28.6% from the years 2006 to 2016 (which represents an average increase from 700 to 900 jobs). This data indicates an optimistic future for those who decide to study cardiac sonography in Wisconsin.

The average cardiac sonographer salary in Wisconsin (as per the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics) is $52,770. The normal salary in most states for this position averages to $49,730. Employment for echocardiographers can be found all across Wisconsin, in cities including Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. Average wages that are earned by cardiac sonographers in the state may vary from place to place. Wisconsin WORKnet estimates that it may be as low as $33,150 in some areas of the state for entry-level cardiac sonographers, to as high as $60,590 for more experienced echocardiographers in other areas of Wisconsin. Studying salary figures from these cities in Wisconsin shows the differences found from one municipality to another:

Milwaukee:  $47,000
Madison:  $48,000
Green Bay:  $54,000
Kenosha:  $58,000
Racine:  $50,000

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