Become a CNA in Wisconsin

Wisconsin CNA Education

Prior to entering an educational program to become a Nursing Assistant, the completion of a high school diploma or GED is needed. The training included within the programs offers students the knowledge and skills needed to perform properly in the profession. The courses and clinical training offered through these programs prepares students for the certification exam. Basic skills taught within these programs include the ability to provide basic care to various age groups, as well as the ability to ensure patient safety. Students learn the procedures needed to protect themselves and others from infections. Other information obtained through these programs includes effective communication skills, taking vital signs, and basic hygiene skills for patients. Other skill requirements needed for graduation include patient assessment, documentation and reporting skills, and feeding techniques.

Wisconsin CNA Certification

To legally practice within the profession, Wisconsin requires graduates of an educational program to take a written and skills exam to test the graduates’ knowledge needed in the profession. Prior to becoming certified, Wisconsin allows graduates of a program to work in the health field for no more than 3 months before taking the certification exam. To ensure public safety, the federal regulations requires at least 75 hours of both clinical and academic training to be achieved prior to becoming certified. While many states require more training in order achieve CNA certification, Wisconsin is not among those states. Once the work experience and academic requirements are met, the exam can be taken. The exam allows certification holders to practice in entry level positions in the profession.

Wisconsin Certification Renewal

After achieving the certification needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, the certification will need to be renewed periodically to allow a Nursing Assistant to remain legally able to practice. Renewal is needed every 2 years after becoming certified. The renewal process must be completed on the renewal years prior to the Certified Nursing Assistants birth month. If a Nursing Assistant fails to comply with the renewal requirements, their certification will be revoked. The expiration of a certification can lead to penalties and fees, depending on how long the certification has been expired.

CNA Schools