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How to Become a Gerontologist in Wisconsin - WI

Gerontology certification in Wisconsin serves the purpose of demonstrating that the holder is a leader in their field. There are many specific positions that serve the seniors of America. These positions will require a level of devotion that can only be demonstrated by gerontology certification. Professionals who hold a gerontology certification are demonstrating to their clients that they are well versed in the needs of senior citizens.

The state of Wisconsin has shown a particular concern for the quality of life for its senior citizens. People might be living longer, but the key is to ensure that the additional years are spent in ambulatory comfort.  The Wisconsin National Caregiver Support Program was founded as a way to provide resources for those that help loved ones who have geriatric health related issues. They provide many services that would include delivering meals, one on one therapy with the senior, helping relatives to deal with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s in such a way as to allow the patient to live outside of an inpatient facility. This is one program that offers the potential gerontologist a chance to see all aspects of helping in the geriatric field.

Wisconsin gerontologists will be familiar with the laws that govern the treatment of senior citizens and be knowledgeable of Wisconsin resources specific to this group.

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