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Gerontology Degrees in Wisconsin - WI

Since almost 20% of the population of Wisconsin is over 65, those who hold a gerontology degree in Wisconsin will almost certainly prosper. One of the best things about a gerontology degree is that it is usually combined with another type of degree. This means that gerontologists not only get to work in the field of their choice, but they also get to work with the population of their choice. Earning a gerontology degree in Wisconsin is simply a matter of pursuing an education in the field of your choice and making the decision to add the gerontology component to your program. Gerontologists should have an interest in the aging process of human beings, though to some extent they will have the choice to focus their learning on the psychological aspect of aging or the physical aspect. There are certain personality traits that are needed in the geriatric field. The process of aging is not always a pleasant one. The people who work in this field need to be compassionate and gentle but confident and reliable. They may be required to deal with families of all types as well as with geriatric patients in various stages of disability and degeneration. That’s why part of the training in this field will include establishing trust, developing interpersonal relationships, and counseling techniques for the elderly.

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