Wisconsin Healthcare Administration Salaries - WI

Annual earnings are certainly among the strongest motivating factors when choosing a health career, and the news is good for aspiring healthcare administrators in Wisconsin.

The average healthcare administration salary in Wisconsin comes in at $74,000/per year plus benefits. Other titles and earnings in the state associated with current job postings for healthcare administrative positions include:

  • Assistant and support positions $62,000
  • Program specialist $51,000
  • Health system specialty $63,000
  • Public Health Manager (Dane, WI) $59,405 - $98,021/year

The cost of living in Wisconsin is lower than the national average, and when added to affordable housings and a handsome salary, any aspiring healthcare manager will like the bottom line.

  • Average rent is under $1,000 (median for 2008 was $809 across WI)
  • Average home price is under $300,000 (median for 2008 was $295,000)

Executives and consultants in Wisconsin will be able to get creative and look at opportunities in neighboring states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan.  This is not a field of study that will box you in; instead it will provide a lifetime of options with the opportunity to grow and further a career.

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