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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Wisconsin - WI

It is becoming increasingly better known just how beneficial it is for both mothers and babies to experience breastfeeding as a primary food source for the first six months to one year of life.  Not only does the mother return to her pre-pregnancy body faster, she is supplying her baby with high quality nutrition that plays a role in the prevention of various diseases during infancy.

Wisconsin employers are responding to pressure from the federal government and implementing lactation programs in the work place to support breastfeeding mothers and provide them with a comfortable place to breastfeed their babies. This movement is resulting in decreased absenteeism from the workplace, increased company loyalty, higher moral, improved employee retention, and increased productivity.  There are social benefits to more mothers breastfeeding as well.  These include significant savings in healthcare as babies that are breastfed have less health complications than non-breastfed babies. 

With the growing support for breastfeeding in Wisconsin and across the nation, the lactation consultant salary in Wisconsin is on the rise and this profession is increasingly a rewarding position to hold.  To better analyze the salary potential for this profession in Wisconsin, let us review the average salaries for some major cities around the state:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - $57,000
Madison, Wisconsin  - $60,000
Green Bay, Wisconsin  - $67,000

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