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Due to the increase of medical evidence that supports the significant health benefits of breastfeeding to both mothers and children, the federal government currently has a goal for 2010 to reach a national statistic of 75% of mother’s breastfeeding initially after birth and 50% of mothers continuing to breastfeed until the infant reaches 6 months of age.  The insightful and positive movement of our national government in this specific area has created space for a need for individuals trained in the profession of lactation consulting to assist these new mothers and increase their chances for success in this important endeavor.  Lactation consultant training in Wisconsin is a rewarding career path and the current situation supports this choice.

The major cities of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay offer ample opportunities for the individual seeking to acquire work experience and hands on training in the healthcare field and more specifically the field of lactation consultation.  There are major medical hospitals that support the use of lactation consultants in Wisconsin and provide avenues of employment for the person so trained.  These include Aurora Saint Luke’s Medical Center, Saint Josephs Hospital, the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and Saint Mary’s Hospitals.  All of these would be useful resources in further researching the career opportunities for lactation consultants in Wisconsin. 

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