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Medical Office Manager Salary in Wisconsin – WI

The medical office manager salary range in Wisconsin is $44,000 to $50,000 with an average of $39,000. Location and experience both influence salaries, as do positions that require specialty certifications or are in support of specialized practices. Experienced medical office managers in Wisconsin, or office managers in medical settings that develop high levels of expertise in some of the more complex aspects of the job can earn up to $64,000.

Salary averages for medical office manager jobs in some of Wisconsin’s larger cities are:

  • Milwaukee: $44,000
  • Madison: $49,000
  • Green Bay: $49,000
  • Kenosha: $50,000
  • Racine: $46,000
  • Appleton: $47,000

Wisconsin’s proactive approach to healthcare delivery is evident. Improved availability to health care leads to job security for health care providers and support personnel.  In addition to the salaries that a medical office manager can expect, Wisconsin’s largest healthcare providers are growing. Aurora Health Care manages hospitals in fourteen cities in Wisconsin including Green Bay, Elk Hor, Harford, Kenosha, Two Rivers and Milwaukee. In addition, Wisconsin is part of the Mayo Health System that also has affiliate centers in Iowa and Minnesota.

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