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Medical Technologist Salaries in Wisconsin

The median Wisconsin medical technologist salary is $49,000. Medical technologists have a significant role in using analytical and microscopic data to confirm or deny diagnoses in patients. Because the role that they play is directly related to patient care, professionals in this field are extremely well compensated for their efforts.

There is no doubt that medical diagnostics and treatments are on the rise, largely as a result of the aging population, and research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms this. A BLS study identified a projected 14% growth factor in the demand for qualified medical technologists through the year 2016. Furthermore, separate studies found that there were fewer people choosing medical technology for their careers. With that said, there should be significant employment opportunities in the coming years for medical technologists in Wisconsin.

While professional experience is probably the largest factor to affect salary figures, geographical location within Wisconsin is another factor that you should be aware of. In general, the more populated that a city is, the more patients that need care. Largely populated areas tend to pay higher salaries because they have more patients to tend to. The list below reviews some of the medical technologist salaries in Wisconsin.

  • Milwaukee: $42,000
  • Madison: $44,000
  • Green Bay: $49,000

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