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Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Wisconsin - WI

Wisconsin Medical Transcription Salaries

Medical Transcriptionists (MT) play an important supporting role in healthcare. They transcribe the audio or digitally recorded information of a patient’s medical diagnosis, treatment, and procedures into a permanent document that stays in the patient’s file for current and future use. The information must be accurate to ensure the highest quality of medical treatment.

There are almost 4000 Medical Transcriptionists in Wisconsin, and the future of the career continues to be good in the coming years. Most MTs work for hospitals and physicians’ offices, although they may physically work at home as an independent contractor. The annual Wisconsin medical transcription salary is approximately $33,000. This is higher than the national average. The average Green Bay, WI medical transcriptionist salary is slightly higher than the state average at $38,000. Madison, WI average for this field is $34,000; and the Milwaukee; WI average is lower at $31,000.

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