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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Wisconsin - WI

Wisconsin Medical Transcription Training Programs

While it is possible to earn a technical certificate in as little at 10 months to a year; earning an associate’s degree will typically take two years (four semesters). Students who have good grammar, punctuation, and keyboarding skills, as well as those who have excellent listening skills tend to be successful Medical Transcriptionists. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI; formerly known as the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists) recommends programs that include externships in a medical facility, although not all programs include practical experience before granting a certificate or diploma.

The AHDI has accredited eighteen programs that offer medical transcription certificates or diplomas. While most of these have online accessibility, several offer on-campus courses as well. One of these programs has a campus in Wisconsin. ( There are also other technical, vocational, and community college programs that offer certificates, both classroom-based and online.

After completing a program for medical transcription training in Wisconsin, students can sit for the Registered Medical Transcriptionist exam administered by the AHDI. This exam consists of two sections, including multiple choice questions about medical terms and knowledge and actual transcription, editing, and proofreading. Upon passing this exam, the student is credentialed as a Registered Medical Transcriptionist. To maintain the RMT credential, candidates must pass an online course and pay a renewal fee every three years.

After a minimum of two years of experience that includes working in a medical facility in which there are multiple dictators (including several whose primary language is not English), various formats and types of reports, all the major specialties, and surgery dictation, a Medical Transcriptionist can take another examination to become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist to further enhance their employment prospects as well as attest to their experience and knowledge. Once earned, the CMT credential is valid for three years. To recertify, candidates must earn a minimum of 30 continuing education units during the three-year period and pay a recertification fee.

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