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Before enrolling in any midwifery courses in Wisconsin, you should understand exactly how this profession is regulated and what is required to meet those regulations. In fact, licensing and regulation for midwives is somewhat new in Wisconsin with new legislation being passed as recently as 2006. Interestingly, although midwives in Wisconsin were required to register as early as 1909, the practice of midwifery has not actually been governmentally regulated since 1953.

Regulation of licensed midwives in Wisconsin is handled by the Department of Regulation and Licensing, or DRL. To qualify as a licensed midwife, you are required to complete a variety of midwifery courses in Wisconsin which can lead to attainment of a post-secondary master’s degree.

The courses completed during this program are essential to learning the practices of midwifery in Wisconsin. They often include in-depth examination of the female reproductive system, antepartum care, prenatal care, high-risk pregnancies, labor and delivery emergent intervention, water birth, delivery positions and techniques, fetal assessment, and newborn screening, including Apgar testing and hearing/vision testing.

In September of 2008, an additional licensing requirement for midwives in Wisconsin went into effect. Midwives are now required to obtain supplemental education, training, and certification in automated external defibrillators (AED). CPR and AED education can be obtained from the same educational institution.

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