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MRI Technician Salaries in Wisconsin

In general, most MRI technicians in Wisconsin earn around $52,000 each year, which is certainly a decent amount of money for doing a job daily that you enjoy. Keep in mind that this figure is merely an average, and there are several MRI technicians in Wisconsin who earn more because of their years of experience in the field.

There is certainly no doubt that MRI technology is booming in Wisconsin. The Bureau of Labor Statistics actually reported a possible 15% increase in the need for qualified MRI technicians until the year 2016. The BLS concludes that the main reason for this type of increase is the onset of the Baby Boomers and the increasing median age of the general population. With that said, MRI technicians in Wisconsin should expect to find several employment opportunities and increasing annual pay.

It is also worth noting that facility type can potentially impact your annual salary as well. A report conducted by the BLS stated that MRI technicians in Wisconsin earned more each year by working in larger healthcare facilities, while smaller and more rural medical clinics were among the lowest-paying positions.

Geographic location is also an impending factor for MRI technician salaries in Wisconsin. The list below details some of these salaries by city:

  • Milwaukee: $44,000
  • Madison: $47,000
  • Green Bay: $52,000

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