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How to Become an MRI Technician in Wisconsin

If are interested in learning how to become an MRI technician in Wisconsin, then the training aspect of your education will fill in all the blanks for you. As a graduation requirement, you must complete an MRI internship training program. This is the most hands-on experience that you will actually receive before you are turned loose into the real world.

In Wisconsin, MRI technician training is goal-oriented and career-focused to help give you a better handle on what you will be doing in your day-to-day job. You will work with qualified MRI technicians in the MRI department of a local Wisconsin healthcare facility. In most cases, you will be working with technicians that have more than 10 years of experience, so there is a great deal that you can learn from them just by listening and watching them work.

Some of the most important aspects that you will learn during training include:

  • How MRI imaging can be used to diagnose health conditions
  • How the angle and position of the patient can affect the quality of the MRI image
  • Ways in which you can interact with patients to help absolve them of their fears and answer any questions that they may have
  • Procedures for reducing radiation exposure to patients

There is currently not a state licensure law in place for MRI technicians in Wisconsin. However, most employers in Wisconsin will not hire an MRI technician unless they have been certified. The certifying agency for this field is the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT). After you have passed the ARMRIT examination, you will be bestowed with the title of Certified MRI Technician.

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