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Wisconsin Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - WI

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Wisconsin

Jobseekers looking for entry-level positions in Wisconsin should also start by researching job availability in more metropolitan cities where high populations are more dependent on health care professionals. Furthermore, health care facilities that employ nuclear medicine technologists, like hospitals, health research centers, diagnostic testing sites, doctor offices, and medical laboratories, are in greater abundance in major cities. Nuclear medicine technologists residing in Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay may find excellent job opportunities provided by Aurora Saint Luke’s Medical Center, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, and Saint Mary’s Hospital.

Right now the average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Wisconsin is $55,000/yr. Yet, professionals can definitely bolster individual salary earning potentials by showing occupational commitment and competency. For instance, nuclear medicine technologists with a bachelor degree, a diverse work experience history, national certification or registry, and who have specialized training, are more likely to benefit from higher salary offers. Geographic location is also a determining factor for nuclear medicine technologist salaries, therefore those with the ability to relocate may receive optimal salaries. To illustrate salary ranges within Wisconsin, here are the average salaries for the five biggest cities in the state: 

Milwaukee:  $47,000/yr
Madison:  $49,000/yr
Green Bay:  $54,000/yr
Kenosha:  $58,000/yr
Racine:  $50,000/yr

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