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Wisconsin Healthcare Informatics Salary - WI

Nurse informatics salary in Wisconsin is often determined by an employee’s previous work experience in nurse informatics, level of formal education received (master’s degree is typically preferred) in nurse informatics, type of health care facilities employed by, and ANCC certification status. Presently, Wisconsin nursing informatics salary is approximately $58,000/yr. However, this figure may change; whereas the field of nurse informatics is currently experiencing an employment growth rate of 20% above the average growth rates of all occupations combined across the nation, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This trend is expected to continue until at least 2018, resulting in an influx of job positions available both nationally and locally.

Professionals entering the nurse informatics field are encouraged to target regions of Wisconsin where higher population densities reflect a growing need for nurse informatics. Admittedly, geographic location is also a determining factor in average salary earning potentials for nurse informatics. While more populated areas often offer more employment opportunities; they do not always offer higher salary averages. The salary averages for the five largest cities in Wisconsin are as follows:

Milwaukee:  $50,000/yr
Madison:  $55,000/yr
Green Bay:  $61,000/yr
Kenosha:  $62,000/yr
Racine:  $53,000/yr

*Salary statistics are based on findings from indeed.com

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