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Wisconsin Surgical Technologist Salary - WI

The surgical tech salary in Wisconsin is roughly $37,000 per year. While this is only a rough estimate, there are many things that can potentially alter the amount of money you earn each year. The largest concern for new graduates is always experience. Clinics and hospitals in Wisconsin do consider experience before hiring. However, because employers are aware of how challenging surgical technologists schools are in Wisconsin, they are usually eager to take on new graduates.

In addition, there is currently a high demand for professionals in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics approximated a 25% increase in this profession until 2018, which is a faster growth rate than that of most other professions. What this means is that surgical technologists in Wisconsin can expect to see a substantial demand for their skills, essentially making it easier to find and obtain employment, as well as adding an element of job security.

Naturally there is some correlation between geographic location and income. The list below provides details on some of the salary figures for surgical technologists in different cities across the State of Wisconsin:

  • Milwaukee: $32,000
  • Madison: $34,000
  • Green Bay: $37,000
  • Kenosha: $39,000
  • Racine: $34,000

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