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Ultrasound Tech Salary in Wisconsin - WI

Salary potential is based on a combination of the length of work experience, extent of education, and formal training background that an ultrasound technician completes. As the employment growth rate of ultrasound technicians rises to a projected 18% by 2018, qualification standards are expected to rise respectively. Currently, the average Wisconsin ultrasound technician salary is $49,000.

This figure is expected to rise as the employment growth rate increases, resulting in thousands of job openings both nationally and locally.

Milwaukee ultrasound technician:  $42,000/yr
Madison ultrasound technician  $47,000/yr
Green Bay ultrasound technician:  $51,000/yr
Kenosha ultrasound technician:  $51,000/yr
Racine ultrasound technician:  $44,000/yr


Certification Agencies

National certification agencies also register ultrasound technicians in a variety of specialized occupations such as:

-Vascular sonography
-Breast sonography
-OB/GYN sonography
-Abdominal sonography

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