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Become a CNA in Wyoming

Steps to become a CNA in Wyoming

1. Wyoming CNA Education

Prior to entering an educational program to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, a high school diploma or the equivalent to it must be obtained. Students of a nursing program must be at least 16 years of age according to the Wyoming requirements.  Wyoming follows the federal minimum requirements for a Nursing Assistant to achieve no less than 75 hours of clinical and instructional training. This federal requirement is set in place to achieve public safety. However, most training facilities in the state are composed of at least 100 hours of instructional and clinical training. Wyoming allows the instructional potion of the training programs to be obtained online or in a college or vocational setting. However, all clinical training must be obtained under the supervision of a licensed professional in a clinical environment. Often, the clinical settings are composed of nursing homes and hospitals.

2. Wyoming CNA Certification Exam

The certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant can be taken after successfully graduating a training program. The Wyoming State Board of Nursing is responsible for administering the exam and approving the certification. The current fee for the certification exam in Wyoming is $218.00. The 75 hour minimum requirement for the instructional and clinical training must be accomplished prior to taking the exam. This certification exam tests graduates on the written and performance skills needed to succeed in the profession. After passing this exam, a certification will be provided to the Nursing Assistant. This certification allows a Certified Nursing Assistant to legally practice in entry level positions within the profession.

3. Wyoming CNA Certification Renewal

Periodically, Wyoming requires the certification to be renewed in order for a Certified Nursing Assistant to legally remain practicing in the profession. Wyoming requires the certification to be renewed every even numbered year before the expiration date of December 31st. Failure to do so will result in the violation of the Nurse Practice Act. This will cause the certification to be revoked. To reinstate an expired certification, the exam must be retaken and other fees and penalties often apply.

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