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Medical Billing and Coding Education in Wyoming - WY

Medical Billing and Coding Certification in Wyoming

Listed below are the steps that a Wyoming resident can expect to take in order to become a medical biller or coder in Wyoming.

Learn about National Accreditation

The accrediting body of AHIMA steps in and provides the much needed accreditation for those seeking medical billing and coding certification in Wyoming.

When a state, such as Wyoming, does lay out specific rules for becoming a certain type of professional, it is that much more highly recommended that students seek a school which is accredited by the national organizations.  AHIMA governs over the medical billing and coding field nationally and in the state of Wyoming.

The American Health Information Management Association keeps a close-knit bond with schools that provide a Wyoming medical billing certificate. The association is responsible for accrediting schools that offer well-rounded programs for medical billing and coding certification in Wyoming

What is even more important about national accreditation is that hospitals, physicians and clinics will seek out a Wyoming student that has attended a school accredited by AHIMA before they consider hiring them.

Getting Certified in Wyoming for Medical Billing and Coding

The American Academy of Professional Coders, also known as AAPC, allows students that have successfully graduated from a medical billing and coding course of study to obtain certification in their field.

The most basic certification handed out by AAPC is a CPC certification – meaning Certified Professional Coder. An examination is given by the American Academy of Professional Coders in order for a Wyoming student to obtain this level of certification. In addition, this examination can only be given to Wyoming students who have completed a course of training in the medical billing and coding field.

In addition to obtaining certification as a CPC, the AAPC also hands out certifications for specialty type applications; such as outpatient hospital and payer professionals. The point is for Wyoming students to become familiar with these certifications and to take the examination given by the AAPC in order to enhance their professionalism as a medical biller or coder.

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