Medical Office Manager Salary in Wyoming – WY

Wyoming’s population is growing, and with it the demand for healthcare and healthcare personnel is also growing. The medical office manager salary range in Wyoming is $47,000 to $61,000 annually with an average of $55,000, which is higher than the national average of $47,000 for this position.  Positions are available in a wide range of settings, including larger hospitals as well as freestanding centers, clinics and medical practices.

Experience has a significant influence on compensation, as does pursuit of specialty training certification in areas such as billing, coding, or other more complex systems. In Wyoming, the population is densely centralized into several urban areas and health delivery is also centralized in these areas.

Salaries in the metropolitan areas of Wyoming are as follows:

  • Cheyenne: $47,000
  • Casper: $61,000
  • Laramie: $47,000
  • Gillette: $54,000
  • Rock Springs: $49,000
  • Sheridan: $38,000

Salary potential in Wyoming is also influence by the size of the medical center or practice, and in some cases may also be influence by specialty practices. Wyoming Medical Center is a Level 2 Trauma Center and boasts three Centers of Excellence. Busier and more specialized practices require personnel with training and education, and salaries increase accordingly.

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