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Wyoming Medical Laboratory Technician Training Program

Education for Medical Technicians in Wyoming

Mention of the state of Wyoming usually brings to mind images of bright sunshine, world-class skiing, and quaint resort towns; but for aspiring medical technicians, the Cowboy State holds opportunities that call for lab coats instead of parkas. Medical technicians, also known as medical laboratory technicians or MLT’s, work in laboratories under the supervision of clinical scientists. They help perform diagnostic testing on fluid and tissue specimens, looking for the presence of disease, drugs, and other substances. In Wyoming, the career of medical technician is projected to grow by 20% by 2016. More hospitals, universities, and research institutes will be realizing the value of employing medical technicians to facilitate quicker, more efficient processing of lab results.

There is no way to predict exactly how much a medical assistant training program will cost for any individual. It depends on the school, the type of program, and the student’s needs. Many times, scholarships and financial aid can help ease the burden of tuition. When shopping around for schools offering Wyoming medical technician training programs, be sure to research all information that is important to you.  The curriculum for a medical technician training course provides in-depth study of the skills needed for the job. Topics are varied and include medically focused courses like biology and virology; as well as technical courses that introduce students to using clinical lab software programs, performing tests correctly, using and maintaining laboratory equipment; and interpersonal skills such as clear communication skills, and laboratory ethics. Near the end of the program, students usually participate in a practicum, which helps them gain confidence in their skills by practicing under the guidance of an instructor in a real laboratory setting. If you would like to pursue a specialty, some programs offer extra focus on a certain discipline, for example hematology or histology.

The ASCP requires 36 Continuing Education Units every 3 years for a medical technician. Collecting your education units will greatly enhance your career experience and can help lead to advancement in your field. Many online programs provide continuing education for healthcare professions. You can also attend classes and symposiums given by colleges, vocational schools, hospitals, and professional organizations. Just be sure the organization is accredited and acceptable, and that you document your hours.

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