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Medical Technologist Salaries in Wyoming

Medical technologists in Wyoming are essential to the diagnostic process. For this, they are compensated with an average annual salary of $68,000. While physicians may suspect an underlying health condition and issue the directive for testing, it is medical technologists that actually examine specimens and either confirm or deny such conclusions. With such great responsibility, medical technologists are and should be well compensated for their integral role.

Recent studies released have concluded that each year there are fewer medical technologists entering the field. Combined with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ study that a 14% increased in the demand for medical technologists will occur between now and 2016, there is probably no better time than the present to begin your career in medical technology. Because the demand is up and the supply is low, medical technologists in Wyoming will probably find more employment opportunities than they expected.

It is important to note, also, that location can affect your salary. Experience is undoubtedly the number one factor impacting salary, but geographic location is just as imperative. Because larger metropolitan areas are more populated, the healthcare facilities in these areas tend to earn more revenue and pay their medical technologists accordingly. The list below identifies some of the average medical technologist salaries in Wyoming by city:

  • Cheyenne: $47,000
  • Casper: $73,000
  • Laramie: $47,000
  • Gillette: $64,000
  • Rock Springs: $53,000

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