Midwifery Programs in Wyoming

Midwifery School in Wyoming - WY

Licensing and regulation for midwives residing in Wyoming has only come about very recently. In fact, several attempts to pass legislation along these lines have been tried in the past. It was not until recently, perhaps because of support from the Wyoming Medical Society, that legislation regarding the licensure of midwives in Wyoming passed through both levels of Congress, effectively creating licensure practices for midwives in Wyoming. This law is slated to be in effect as of July 1, 2011 and will be regulated by a newly developed entity, the Wyoming Board of Midwifery.

In order to prepare for the onset of new licensing requirements, you will need to enroll in a midwifery school in Wyoming and complete your post-secondary education. Although undergraduate studies typically encompass most of the general medical education, the midwifery program actually provides courses specific to the practice of midwifery, such as female reproduction, fetal and newborn anatomy, health complications and high-risk pregnancies, fetal disorders and syndromes, labor relaxation methods, and labor progression. Students will also be focused on the gynecologic aspect of midwifery to include courses like annual Pap evaluations, breast examinations, infertility issues, and female reproductive abnormalities. 

Essentially, a post-secondary midwifery course prepares students from all areas of Wyoming, including Casper, Rock Springs, Cheyenne, Laramie, and Gillette, to pursue a midwifery career both in and out of the traditional hospital setting.

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