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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Wyoming - WY

Students looking for on-campus nuclear medicine technologist schools in Wyoming will need to focus their attention on state and community colleges that offer degrees in radiology technology. Currently there are two different degree options available. Schools offers an Associate of Science in Radiology program where students can expect courses in aspects of radiology such as: Introduction to Radiology Technology, Patient Care and Management, Radiographic Positioning, Radiographic Imaging, and Special Topics in Radiography. In addition, other schools offers an Associate of Applied Science in Radiography program. Some required courses found in this education program include: Survey of Technical Specialties, Radiographic Physics, Quality Assurance and Processing, Radiographic Pathology, and Radiation Biology and Protection. Both programs are two years in length, provide students with clinical and laboratory training experience, and prepare graduates to sit for radiology examinations that lead to certification.

Fortunately nuclear medicine technology students in Wyoming are not limited to these two radiology education programs. In fact, by taking advantage of one of several online and distance learning schools and programs students can pick from a broader range of degrees in radiology without the hassle of commuting. By graduating from one of these alternative education providers, students can earn an Associate Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Associate of Science Degree in Radiologic Technology, Bachelor Degree in Radiologic Sciences, or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science-Nuclear Medicine Concentration.

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