Wyoming Healthcare Informatics Salary - WY

Level of education, prior work experience, employment trends and geographical location are four factors greatly impacting nurse informatics salary in Wyoming. Granted, only a baccalaureate degree is required to gain certification; however, employers are typically more inclined to offer higher salaries to employees possessing a masters or doctorate degree. Furthermore, salaries will similarly be affected by the number of years of experience in nurse informatics that an employee has previously gained. Also, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that the field of nurse informatics is currently undergoing an employment growth rate of 20%. This growth is predicted to continue until at least 2018, and will open up more than 30,000 jobs nationwide, from which Wyoming nurse informatics will surly benefit from. Changes in the future job market may facilitate more competitive nurse informatics salaries in Wyoming. Finally, salary potentials will continue to fluctuate depending on the geographical location an employee is working in.

The average salary for nurse informatics across the United States is $74,000/yr. However, nurse informatics in Wyoming are earning higher salary averages of $79,000/yr. Since nurse informatics is in greater demand in cities of higher population densities, here are the salary averages for the five largest cities in Wyoming:

Cheyenne:  $63,000/yr
Casper:  $75,000/yr
Laramie:  $67,000/yr
Gillette:  $68,000/yr
Rock Springs: $66,000/yr

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