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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Wyoming - WY

Salary for Personal Trainers in Wyoming

The amounts for salaries by city are lower than the state average for personal trainers in Wyoming but still are a good salary for someone interested in this field.   Since the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an expected increase up through 2016 in the employment of fitness workers such as personal trainers (up to 27%), these salary amounts can be expected to continue to increase.

Indeed.com reports that in general for the state of Wyoming, a personal trainer earns approximately $59,000.  Below is a list of salaries for personal trainers in specific cities in Wyoming.

Cheyenne:  $45,000
Casper:  $52,000
Laramie:  $48,000
Gillette:  $49,000
Rock Springs:  $47,000
Sheridan:  $44,000
Green River:  $45,000
Evanston:  $42,000
Riverton:  $43,000
Cody:  $43,000


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