Physical Therapy Salary in Wyoming - WY

Currently, the average physical therapist salary in Wyoming is $71,310 annually; while the average estimated hourly pay rate is about $34.28. However, according to studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physical therapists with professional experience can find themselves earning significantly more. In fact, the highest reported salary during 2009 was $91,040; so there is most definitely an advantage to continuing on with a career in physical therapy.

As recently as 2009, approximately 59.8% of adult Wyoming residents were considered to be either overweight or obese; while just 57.2% reported taking part in moderate amounts of daily physical activity. Unfortunately, about 51% of high school aged residents were not participating in adequate levels of physical activity either; creating major health concerns among both the younger and elderly generations. Statistics like these lead to a higher prevalence of conditions like arthritis and degenerative joint disease, for which physical therapy is almost certainly a necessity.    

It is important to keep in mind that location also plays a factor when determining salary. Here you will find some of the average salary figures for physical therapists in various cities of Wyoming:

  • Cheyenne:  $76,670
  • Laramie:  $75,000
  • Green River:  $72,000
  • Evanston:  $68,000

These salary figures are provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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