Physician Assistant Program in Wyoming - WY

You can choose to attend school from home and online or through a more conventional campus-based schools offering physician assistant programs in Wyoming. Most online schools are certainly much more convenient and can usually be counted upon to be significantly lower in cost.

The PANRE test, or the Physician Assistant National Recertifying Examination, is the test that all physician assistants must take before their license can be renewed in the state of Wyoming. With this test comes the requirement of at least 100 continuing education credits during the two-year active period. The renewal fee for this certification is $225 for every two years.

Accreditation is a large part of working as a physician assistant. Even in the workforce, you will continue to maintain affiliations and accreditations to prove your authenticity in the profession. However, the most important accreditations begin with your education through accredited physician assistant programs in Wyoming.

Wyoming allows accreditation from the LCME. If the course of education you are taking is not approved this group, you cannot apply with the Wyoming Board of Medicine. You can, however, apply with the FCVS directly.

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education recognizes and accredits several different professions in the healthcare spectrum. Their name is widely known and their affiliation is highly respected.


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