Salary for a Registered Nurse in Wyoming - WY

Wyoming Registered Nurses Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,300 registered nurses in Wyoming in 2008. The average salary for these nurses was $54,880 annually or $26.39 hourly.  Current figures from Indeed.com report the average salary of Registered Nurses in Wyoming at $74,000.  Wyoming is the least populated state.  Surrounding states such as, Montana, South Dakota, and Idaho employ more nurses than Wyoming, but they have larger populations. Nurses in Wyoming earned more in 2008 than nurses in neighbor South Dakota, that same year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

Here are the salaries for registered nurses in the most populated Wyoming cities from Indeed.com:

Cheyenne, Wyoming RN Salary: $57,000
Casper, Wyoming RN Salary: $66,000
Laramie, Wyoming RN Salary: $61,000
Gillette, Wyoming RN Salary: $62,000
Rock Springs, Wyoming RN Salary: $60,000

RN Continuing Education in Wyoming

Continuing education is a requirement for registered nurses practicing in Wyoming.  A Board administered registered nursing refresher course that lasts at least four weeks is required for academic credit from an accredited nursing school.  To maintain licensure, the Wyoming Board requires that nurses maintain at least 1600 hours of employment within a five-year period or 500 hours in two years.  Continuing education is usually specialized to the practice area of the nurse, for example pediatrics, surgery, etc. Continuing education helps nurses maintain competency and learn new information for their practice development.

Registered Nurse Schools