Become a Yoga Instructor in Arizona - AZ

How does one achieve yoga instructor certification in Arizona? Arizona teachers, like teachers in other US states, can earn their credentials through the Yoga Alliance.  There are different levels of credentialing, the most basic one being the 200 hour designation.

A 200 hour program includes 100 hours of yoga techniques, 25 in teaching methodologies, 20 in anatomy and physiology, and 20 in philosophical concerns like lifestyle and ethics. At least 10 must be earned in a practicum or externship setting. The business side of being a yoga instructor is generally given at least brief overas well. Each major area of study includes a minimum number of contact hours that must be completed on-site with a highly skilled instructor. Some study may be completed outside of class, and some hours are allocated at the school’s discretion.

The 200 hour course grants the respected title, Registered Yoga Teacher and allows a person to place the initials RYT after his or her name. It is the foundation for securing a position or beginning a practice; further study can help a person excel at the field and develop his or her own niche. There are specialty classes a person can take beyond initial certification; these include different styles of yoga and also training to work with children, expectant mothers, and other special populations.  Regular continuing education units are needed to maintain registration.

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