Yoga Instructor Certification in Kentucky - KY | How to Become

Become a Yoga Instructor in Kentucky - KY

Yoga instructor certification in Kentucky involves completing an initial program of study approved by the Yoga Alliance, and then earning required continuing education hours thereafter.  The Yoga Alliance is considering the gold standard for yoga teacher certification.  There are different levels of certification, classified by the number of hours of training.  The basic program includes 200 hours of training and confers the title Registered Yoga Teacher, or RYT; the higher level program is 500 hours in length. There are required contact hours in a range of disciplines from teaching methodology, to technique, to business and ethics.

It is important to stay on top of the field, so RYTs must do 45 units of continuing education every three years.  This requirement must be met through a range of teaching and learning experiences.  Generally, yoga teachers are expected to report their continuing education to the YA. Teachers with more than 5,000 hours of teaching experience who were grandfathered as RYTs, don’t need to report hours, but are still expected to complete them

Registered yoga teachers can go on to receive more advanced training to allow them to work with special populations.  The Yoga Alliance recognizes two: child and prenatal. Other organizations offer RYTs advanced training in particular types of yoga.

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