Yoga Instructor Certification in New Mexico - NM | How to Become

Become a Yoga Instructor in New Mexico - NM

Yoga instructor certification in New Mexico is granted to those who take a course of study approved by the Yoga Alliance.  Although licensure is not mandated by the state, registration with the Yoga Alliance, or YA, is beneficial for both self-employed teachers and those seeking employment at fitness centers and spas.

The Yoga Alliance has put together an outline of what must be covered. Both the 200 and 500 hour programs include the same areas of study: yoga techniques, anatomy and physiology, teaching methodologies, and ethical and philosophical concerns. Both programs also include practicum or internship experience. One difference is the depth of coverage.  Longer programs also include more hours that can be devoted to specialized topics at the discretion of the individual school. The longer course of study requires 40 hours of practicum. The shorter course requires only 10, although some individual programs do include more than the minimum.

The 200 or 500 hour program is the base on which further studies can be built. A yoga teacher can take additional classes to develop a more specialized body of knowledge and attract a client base. The Yoga Alliance recognizes two specialty areas, registered children’s yoga teaching and registered prenatal yoga teaching; other specialties are available through other organizations.

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