Yoga Instructor Certification in Washington - WA | How to Become

Become a Yoga Instructor in Washington - WA

Does one need a license to teach yoga in Washington?  Technically no; however, self-employed teachers and tutors do need a business license if they earn more than $12,000 a year. Yoga teachers do not need a license in order to be able to teach yoga in Washington State.  What they do need is credentials. National registration is important both for attracting clients and finding work with traditional employers.  When a person refers to yoga instructor certification in Washington, they mean the process of becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, or RYT, through the Yoga Alliance.

The Yoga Alliance has been supporting the profession since 1999; setting standards high and recognizing those who meet them. There are different levels of certification, including 200 hour, 500 hour, and specialty certifications. The program must include the requisite number of hours in techniques, methodology, philosophy, and anatomy, and must include a practicum.  There are some additional hours that are administered at the discretion of the individual school. 

Some people choose to pursue advanced certifications later in particular branches of yoga.  It can be helpful to do one’s lower level training at a school that specializes in the preferred branch, but it is not necessarily required.

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