Yoga Instructor Income in Arizona - AZ

Yoga Teacher Salaries in Arizona

What is the average yoga instructor salary in Arizona?  Indeed.com lists an average of $37,000 for recent job postings. Actual earnings vary according to a number of factors. Regional differences are a minor factor.  Recent postings, at least those that have been nationally posted, have averaged $37,000 recently for the Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale areas. Tucson, to the south, has weighed in at $35,000, the college town of Flagstaff, $37,000.

Income depends more, though, on the type of work setting, whether one is self-employed or working for someone else, and whether they are full or part-time employed. The reality is that most positions are part-time. Some yoga teachers opt for self-employment, though; their income depending on how many people they can attract to their classes, and on what their clientele is willing to pay.  Self-employed teachers aren’t necessarily striking out entirely on their own. Fitness and wellness centers sometimes want to rent space to yoga teachers as well as those in other complementary fields, ranging from acupuncture to tae kwon do.  These centers may be found in areas like Fountain Hills where there are a number of retired people, and where income is high. There are different arrangements possible for self-employed fitness and health workers.  Some rent space long term; others lease out shared space by the hour.

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