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Yoga Instructor Income in California - CA

Yoga Teacher Salaries in California

What is the typical yoga instructor salary in California cities like San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco? reports that recent job postings in ‘The Golden State’ have averaged $49,000. In actuality, income is quite variable. There may be more opportunities if one has a high level of overall education or additional training in a related field.  Community colleges, for instance, sometimes post ads for people who can teach a variety of physical education classes, yoga included. These positions are often part-time, as are most teaching positions in the field. Some people secure full-time jobs that include varied duties. La Costa, for instance, lists a range of responsibilities besides teaching yoga classes:  hospitality, scheduling, and helping guests at the gym.

Some yoga teachers are self-employed; however this doesn’t mean striking out entirely on one’s own. A perusal of recent job ads reveals that some fitness studios like to rent space to yoga instructors who have an established base of clientele.  Self-employment can potentially mean very good money, but a person does have to have some business skills in addition to physical ones. The more people an instructor can draw into their classes, the more money they will make.  People will also pay more for what they see as premium services.

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