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The Yoga Journal reported in 2003 that there were 15 million American practicing yoga. Of those, more than 50% had been studying for less than two years. That’s quite an increase for such a short time period!  This ancient healing art has been on the rise for a number of years, and the trend is expected to continue. Many turn to yoga to improve their flexibility, strength, and coordination, and to postpone the degenerative effects of aging. Others see it as a spiritual practice or a means of gaining greater emotional clarity. The population practices a number of different styles, including anusara, kundalini, and the ever popular ashtanga.

Those who have found the practice of yoga particularly life changing often want to share their passion with others through teaching. Yoga teacher training in Arizona is a blend of ancient and modern traditions from around the world.  Prospective teachers learn far more than just the physical postures and the science of teaching them.  Practices also include dharana (mental concentration), dhyana (meditation), and pranayama (breathing techniques).

Those interested in yoga teacher training in Arizona have a variety of options. Differences exist in both the style of yoga and the logistics of the programs.  There are sometimes work exchange and on-site employment options for those struggling to make their teaching dream into a reality.

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