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Yoga Instructor Schools in California - CA

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular both in California and elsewhere in the United States. People seek yoga training for a variety of reasons.  Some of the issues are physical: Men and women may use yoga to increase their strength and flexibility or to aid in the management of health conditions.  Some women use yoga as a part of prenatal care. Other people view the practice as a spiritual pursuit or a tool in achieving emotional calm.

Appropriately, yoga teacher training in California meshes Eastern and Western conceptualizations of health.  Approved courses of study always include a survey of anatomy; this includes the physiology of joints, tissues, and the circulatory system, as well as concepts such as chakras and koshas (or body layers). 

Prospective teachers also learn what is expected of all teachers in the United States:  Methodology of instruction and an overview of professional ethics.  Teachers learn to analyze body language, offer supportive feedback, and modify the curriculum when necessary.  Because it is important to conduct one’s first classes in a supervised setting with constructive feedback, training programs typically include practicum hours.

Finally, since many teachers are in private practice, there is at least brief exploration of business-related issues and practices.

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