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Yoga Instructor Schools in Kentucky - KY

Yoga teacher training in Kentucky blends theory with hands on instruction.  At the heart of the theories are teachings thousands of years old.  Some of these ancient techniques are physical, including body postures, or asanas, and breathing techniques, called pranayama.  Together these practices are known as Hatha.  Other competencies involve complementary techniques that may include meditation and chanting. These are important components of this ancient art, which focuses on the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  Prospective yoga teachers in Kentucky practice the techniques themselves while learning how to teach them to others.  Pedagogy may be taught side by side with physical mastery of yoga. 

Prospective yoga teachers also get a foundation in modern anatomy and physiology, which allows them to modify instruction to suit individual needs and also to recognize when particular postures are contraindicated.  So too yoga teachers learn ethics and other standards for professional practice.  Yoga principles and lifestyle are covered, and prospective teachers in Kentucky typically get a cursory introduction to the business side of teaching. A practicum or internship is the culmination of much hard work. 

Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? There are a number of options for yoga teacher training in Kentucky.  You will find approved schools in such cities as Lexington and Louisville.

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