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Yoga Instructor Schools in New Mexico - NM

People often turn to yoga teaching out of passion.  These yoga students are among the millions of Americans who have seen both physical and emotional benefits from yoga, and they want to share their passion with others. 

Yoga teacher training in New Mexico draws from many diciplines: science, philosophy, and pedagogy. As in other health and fitness fields, coursework includes basic anatomy and physiology, but in the study of yoga, understanding of joints and tissues is pursued alongside the study of chakras and asanas.  Future yoga teachers work on mastery of asanas, or poses, while simultaneously learning the best practices for helping others achieve them. They also learn to assess clients to determine where they may need additional attention based on their performance, and to then assist in making corrections and modifications as needed.

For yoga teachers in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Los Rios, teacher training begins with a course of study from a state-approved school. Every three years, the teacher must obtain thirty units of continuing education.  At least ten of these must be contact hours; the rest can come from other experiences like watching and producing videos or taking online classes. Continuing education may lead to more advanced certifications later.

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